Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yummy easy dinner... and a Franny Update

So, tonight we were in dinner limbo... you know those nights when some of you were eating somewhere else and the others were eating at home??  Hubby and I usually pull a steak out of the freezer for just the 2 of us and depending on what kids are eating, I feed them something quick and easy.  Franny and Max were home so I went with quesadillas... yeah, they both opened them up and scraped the cheese out and ate just that... lol...

OK, on with my meal...yes, a yummy meal that probably only cost about 8 bucks total:)  I do love a good deal on things don't you??  Well, I am notorious for scouring the meat section for those meats that have been 'marked' down.  This is how I buy those steaks, london broils, spare ribs, etc that are just a bit too expensive to justify purchasing.  Found a package of long, thin steaks (don't know the exact name of the type of meat, but they were really skinny) for about $3.50.  I also had a package of frozen spinach and cream cheese in the freezer (both bought on sale for roughly a buck each).  As a side, I used one of those Lipton Noodle packs which are about $1 when on sale... that brings my total to $6.50... now, this doesn't include the milk, butter, little bit of wine, half onion, and little bit of heavy cream... so, we can bring the total up to like 7.50 or 8.00...roughly:)
Here is the easiest, yummiest spinach thing I've ever made (creamed spinach... tasted really good on crackers too... hey, i was hungry and needed to taste test it before I rolled it into the beef)
Olive Oil
1/2 small onion, diced
Diced garlic (I have a jar in my fridge...yes, I cheat... of garlic and I used 4 pieces and diced it up)
Splash of white wine (yes, I gave up a few sips for this)
1/2 package of cream cheese
Splash of heavy cream (I always have this in my fridge...hey, I'm a baker...) but this is optional
1 package of frozen spinach- thawed and squeezed out
Parmesan cheese (I had approx. 2 Tbs left in my container so I just dumped it all in)

1. Heat olive oil in pan and sautee onions and garlic for appox. 3-5 minutes
2. Add wine
3. Add cream cheese and heavy cream is using
4. Add thawed spinach and heat until bubbly

Voila... creamed spinach... use right away on crackers or a nice Italian bread:)  Or, eat alone... Or, do as I do and spread over your beef, roll it up and secure with tooth picks.

I browned the rolls of beef (brain fart here... can't think of what it would be called) in some olive oil.  keep turning so that you brown on all sides.   Doesn't take long to cook through..keep rotation to brown evenly.

I'm not gonna tell you how to make a package of noodles...think you can all read those

It was really good...and I will be heating up the extra spinach stuff tomorrow and eating on crackers:)

Franny Update
So, the first night was tough b/c we didn't start out on the right foot...hence, she woke in the middle of the night (2:28am) and continued to cry until 8:00 when I had to get up.  I know, some of you might think this is cruel and unusual punishment... but for my own sanity, this is a necessary evil.  My heart breaks with every cry and I do want to run in there and scoop her up.  I love sleeping with her...BUT, she doesn't fall asleep on her own, nor does she fall asleep at a normal hour...hence, she screws with my 'night' time to settle down, finish dishes, start baking and/or decorating cookies (this is a big one...really hard to get this shit done with her still awake).  And, with school starting sooner rather than later, I will need this time to get prepared for the next day (ie- lunches, sports/dance crap, snacks, check backpacks, etc)

The 2nd night was a little better.  I did manage to keep her awake all day (she did sleep until noon due to the unfortunate crying binge the night before).  Although, she did look like she was gonna fall asleep a couple times in the car... I arranged to make several stops after dropping Kyra off at dance so that she was out of her seat more often.  We read a story, sang 2 songs and I put her in the crib explaining that it was 'night night' time and she was going to sleep in her crib.  The girl immediately started crying as we entered her room and clung to me for dear life.  She than proceeded to cry for about 2 hours.  As far as I know, she did not wake up the rest of the night...apparently I sleep like the dead... but I didn't hear her so I am assuming she made it through the night.

The 3rd far... I managed to keep her awake for most of the day.  She fell asleep on a car ride that lasted less than 10 minutes..  Woke her up as soon as we got home instead of letting her sleep (it was 6:00pm) like we normally do. I have to admit, it was kinda funny watching her walk b/c she was in such a dead sleep that she was out of it... Yes, I put her on the ground and made her walk inside...otherwise, she would've fallen back asleep on my shoulder before we made it in the door.  Can you say, Drunken Sailor??  lol...we followed the same routine as last night with a book and 2 songs.  I told her it was 'night night' time.  She looked at Me, looked at my bed and kept saying ' Mamma... mamma ' like she wanted to sleep with me.  Alas, I dragged my self out of the chair b/c I was seriously contemplating just letting her fall asleep with me and she started crying and freaking out right away.  But, I stayed strong, told her I loved her, pried her hands from around my neck and put her in the crib.  Crying time- 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Whew... it is getting better.  We will see what the night brings us.

Hoping you all have a great night and day...and hoping this is a thing of the past!!


  1. way to go momma and Franny! It's so hard, but she'll get used to the new routine. Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Thanks... I know it gets easier... still heart wrenching:) For some reason, Franny is the worst!!

  2. Good luck with Franny. I went through a similar experience with Ben. Stay strong it will get better!

    The spinach recipe sounds delicious. Can you use any white wine?

    1. I use what i drink... right now, it's a pinot grigio:)