Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Clothing Cycle

It's that time of year again (seems like just yesterday we did this for spring/summer) where I go through all of my children's drawers, closet and any bins that could be holding larger clothes.  I really don't enjoy this task as it takes forever and let's just say it's hard to do with little ones running around destroying everything you're trying to

This time around, I think I got smart.  A little bit more work, but so far (and I've only gone through one child)  it worked great!!  I started with Kyra last night...WOW did she sprout up this year.  She zipped through those size 8's and is pretty much in a 10.  STOP GROWING!!!!

Kyra has been lucky in clothes so far.  There have always been bags and bags of hand-me downs for her so has never been in need of a lot.  Usually, I only have to supplement her with new undies, socks and undershirts.  She even gets bags of leotards which is HUGE b/c those things can get pricey.  I bought her a nude one last year to wear under her costumes...but other than that, I haven't  had to buy her one in 2 years.

Here is what we started with last night:
We separated everything into piles of similar  clothing (ie- pants, sweats, pj's, shirts, etc).  Following that, we picked a pile  and went through them.  I could tell,  for the most part, what was going to fit and what wasn't. Anything questionable she had to try it hardship for her:)  Not looking forward to that part with DJ

I put the keepers on 1 couch and the give aways on another.  Whew... that was FUN... and yes, it was a 2 glasses of wine kinda

Here is what she wound up with:
And here is the pile of give-aways...or you could say, passing it forward:)

Going through all of this stuff, I realize I could probably open my own consignment shop with my children's clothing alone..ha ha.  But, since we have been so lucky in receiving, I always like to pass it on to others that could use it.  Clothing is pretty expensive, ya know??

So, tonight we conquer DJ's stuff.  That kid doesn't grow much so am pretty sure most of it will still fit him.  I think I will just  be downsizing his stuff to make it  more manageable.  We have space issues in both of their rooms and it's hard to keep the older kids stuff for the little ones.  There is such  a big gap in their ages and I just don't  have the space to hang on to it all.  Jackets, snow boots, snow pants and  stuff are keepers but anything else pretty much won't  fit anywhere for 5 or 6 years.

What do you do with your kids clothing??  Do you have a system for organizing them and storing them??

Hope you all have a great day!!  Oh, and don't forget to  only 12 more days of voting..


  1. I put my summer clothes in a bin that holds my winter clothes and visa versa....

  2. I have bins everywhere with the next size up (all seasons), then photograph the stuff we are outgrowing & pack away, then sell it online to buy more!