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Holiday pic

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Discipline on Vacation

Yeah...that's right, we've got to discipline while on vacation.  How much does that suck??  And how bad do I feel that I have to take some 'fun' away from them??  Well, it really does suck and I really do feel horrible for doing it.

BUT...unfortunately as a parent, I feel that my kids need to learn that just because we are not in our home environment, our rules are still in effect.  This week, there have been some minor infractions in which kids were put in a 'time-out' or separated from each other.  However, my eldest son really pushed my buttons the other night.  And, yes, I did take away some 'fun' for him.  Boy, was he not happy with me or with the situation.  And he really did think that it would blow over and he would be able to just go.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... yeah, not so fast mister!!  He was rude and mouthy to my mother, myself and my husband.  And when I told him he would not be included in the evening activities, he retorted with his most recent response 'Yes I will' as though he were the boss and we weren't.  Yeah...I had to do something b/c that attitude has become more and more present these days!!

Well, that particular evening activity was Family Night at the water park.  And, yeah for us, it was cancelled. Yes...this week has not been a good weather week for us and the rains have come more frequently than in past years.  So, he thought he would be able to go the next night if it was re-scheduled.  Nope...don't think so either.

Anyway...we had sent hubby back to the room with DJ and Franny (she was really too little anyway but we would have made it work if we were all going) while the rest of us waited it out to see if the activity would actually occur. didn't.  Instead of going back to the room and admitting defeat (you know, the other 2 kids didn't do anything either??), we headed to the beach. got it.  There was no thunder or lightning so the kiddies ran around on the beach and in and out of the waves like wild children. my mom took them out to the beach and I watched out stuff while sitting in the bar having a drink...but they both came back happy and my momma came back soaked!!  Afterwards, we let them in the pool at the adjoining hotel to romp and play a bit before heading back.  Once we did make our way back to the hotel, DJ thought he was all that b/c nobody really went to the event.  Sooooooo....with my true mommy powers, I decided that we should get ice-cream to cap off our night.  The only ones not getting ice-cream would be DJ and Franny (she was already in bed).  Kyra and Max also got to pick out a small toy from the souvenir shop.  Hey, I had to really make sure he understood that he was missing some fun stuff here ok???

I just wish he would actually listen and understand.  Most days, I don't think he really hears what we are trying to tell him.  Very frustrating.  Hoping that his 'punishment' might have helped a little bit but I guess time will tell.  He really is an instigator and it can become a bit frustrating all around.  As always, I feel like I am always at a loss for what works with this child.  I love him with all my heart...but he really knows how to push buttons!!

Do you discipline your kids on vacation??  Do you make your kids 'earn' things while you're away??  (ie- good behavior = fun activities)   How do you deal with the 'talking back' from your kids??

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Peace Out and have a fabulous evening!!

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