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Holiday pic

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dance Mom...

OK, so, have you all heard about this show called Dance Moms??  We watch it religiously in our house (yes, I let Kyra watch it and she loves it).  But, oh, the drama involved in this show is ridiculous!!  Deliciously ridiculous!!

I love drama, a good reality show and throw in some dance and I'm hooked.  I really do love to watch these girls dance...I think they are ALL phenomenal dancers.  The moms, on the other hand, give us ALL a bad name.  Before this show, we all knew who these Moms were...  let me explain them in a few key points:

1. Will do anything to advance their child with disregard to any other child
2. Will gripe about anything and everything... especially if it does not benefit their child
3. Will gossip about everyone around them...including children (ie- did you hear so and so got 'demoted' to a lower class... or that girl just got yelled at my Mrs. X... or look at that one over there, my child is so much better than that one, why are they in that class and not my precious little SugarPlum, get the point??)
4. Snoops around to see what EVERY SINGLE child is up to at their dance studio
5. Listens in on EVERY conversation going on around them to see if they can get more info...
6. Starts a gossip train
7. Hovers around the dance office in the chance they might overhear some snippet of conversation that they could use against you
8. Constantly asking for your child to take an older/more advanced class even after the teacher tells you on more than 1 occasion NO you all know who these people are and, hey, maybe you are one??  But, I'd also like to point out that these Moms are not just in the dance world.  You know, the term Soccer Mom, right??  They started using that term around the year 1987... and while these Moms have probably been around for eons (think Mrs. Olsen on Little House), the Demographic Term finally came through...  There is an actual definition of Soccer Mom-

: a typically suburban mother who accompanies her children to their soccer games and is considered as part of a significant voting bloc or demographic group
[countUSinformal : a mother usually from the middle class who brings her children to soccer games and similar activities — often used to refer in a general way to such women as a group of people having similar interests, values, etc.

Now, I'm sure it won't take long for a definition of Dance Mom to pop up...but there isn't one

But, I did find a website that might be beneficial to all the 'Soccer Moms' who drive their kids to dance.. lol..

Because of this show, I really don't want to be considered a 'Dance Mom'... so keep me a Soccer Mom even though this year will definitely be a year of more dance classes over Soccer..

Because of this show, now we have a 'nice' term to call these Moms who we want to strangle (is that too harsh) and sometimes maybe just trip them as they walk by??  

Dance Moms...who knew such a nice thing could become a slang for the terror moms lying in wait at dance studios across the country??

I love that my children love to dance.  And I love when they excel at their own rates and are proud of themselves!!  And, I love that they WANT to do it (yes, even DJ loves it and would be disappointed if I took him out)  
I still owe you  my take on the recital process...but I might start crying as I'm a little weepy these days so I'll try again next week (I'm also trying to procure some old pics to include in it but can't find
DJ and Kyra in their first year of dance... AWWWWWWW!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely evening and enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I would not cosider you a "soccer mom" as they are also braggers on what their children can do and that they are better than some other child. I would consider you to be a "great" mom who takes her children to wheree ever they need to go and don't push them to be something they are not and to let them do what they can. Weather they succeed or not they are great children. They may not have the skills that other children have, but they will know the value of family and know they are the best they can be with out a mom who is pushy.... Have a good day...

  2. Love it! Sad but true but that's how it is!! I always say its better for your child to earn their spot than mommy being pushy and doing it for you!!

  3. I don't know you, but know OF you, because of your desserts, and blog, and your very lucky to have that mommy supporter. But I also know that you should stop feeling weepy and blaming and pointing fingers at everyone else for your issues or your childrens. I know that lots of folks try to help you and you are always playing that blame game and not telling or seeing both sides of the story. This is referring to your "insecure" blog. You need to be a friend to have the support of friends and family. And stop turning people against other people because what comes around goes around. It will bite you back one day and then you will really weep.

  4. That was a mean comment Anonymous. Do you walk in her shoes and knows what goes on in her life being that you only know of her? Walk in someone else's shoes before you make such nasty remarks to some one you don't atually know....

  5. I agree to make comments about someone you know of that harsh is mean and makes no sense. Maybe you are an unhappy person that's all

    1. You need to look in the mirror, sounds like you are the one who is mean. A lot of people have mean streaks but that doesn't give you the right to diss some one that you know "OF". Not nice. Didn't your parents teach you that being mean is not nice. Give some one a compliment every once in awhile insted of negativity. You some day will get bit when it comes around to you.Me, I am not unhappy...I have a great life....