Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Franny Chronicles it's finally here... an update on all the WONDERFUL things Franny can do these days.  Some, I wish they wouldn't ever learn to do and some are a bit more endearing:)  To make it interesting, I've got some pics (couldn't get everything b/c some things are a bit more dangerous for her to be doing so I actually have to run to her instead of the

1. She can open the front door... hence, we must lock it at ALL times!!
2. She climbs up and stands on anything and everything in her path:

3. While I am in the shower, she does this (knowing that I have wet hands and can't do anything about it)

4. If you are foolish enough to take her into the other bathroom, she will bring you all the cleaning supplies while you are stuck on the bowl:
5. She is constantly trying to feed me things:
6. She makes a mess EVERYWHERE in my house (food, books, toys, etc)

7. She is constantly trying new hiding places:

8. She likes to put Baby C's bib on and put his binky in her mouth even though she's never used one:
9. She likes to dress herself (as well as take things off...including her diaper)

10. She is constantly climbing into the Pack n'Play and can't get herself out (and sometimes, she still climbs into the exersaucer and can't get out..)

Sleeping, now that's a whole other entry...coming up next if I can stay awake long enough to write it...

Here are a few things she does that I must run to her instead of the camera:
1. She opens MY drawer and grabs the scissors b/c she wants something cut open (love having the older role models around)
2. She has figured out how to get my 'kid' lock off of my baking supply cabinet and helps herself to chocolate chips, sugar and flour
3. She opens the back cabinets and always manages to grab the powdered drink mix...which she will now open and play with
4. She can open my rice bin and loves to play with that
5. She goes down steps like she's running a race making my heart beat faster and faster b/c I keep seeing her tumble down them (think concrete steps here... and she's really fast)

So, that's about all for now... hope you enjoy reading and seeing what Franny's been up to lately!!

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  1. Do you think for vacation she should stay at my house and go to work with poppo? LOL we will have to gate her in...