Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Army Party

So, as most of you may or may not know, my little man Max turned 4 yesterday.  Wow... where did the time go???  When I asked him what type of party he wanted, I totally thought he would want something to do with cars, trucks, etc.  He loves his matchbox cars and trucks... but, low and behold, an Army Man party is what came out of his mouth.  Hmmmm, ok... I can work with that.

Now, with Max being 3 going on 4, and it is the middle of the summer, there were only a few friends to invite.  It was a great little party for his friends... at least I think so:)  Here's what we did:

As his friends arrived, they had to check in and get camo'd out for our Training Course:
Once their faces were painted, each 'soldier' received a dog tag and was instructed to await orders for Training!!
We had about 6 'stations' all over the yard that included:  driving around cones, jumping through hula hoops (aka tires), dash across the sand to go through the 'monkey' bars, go down some slides, go under some rope and save a soldier... here are pics:


yes, there are soldiers frozen in ice that they had to rescue.. fun
Once they were finished rescuing soldiers, a small snack was served while their grub was finished:

And of course, no birthday party would be complete without an Army Man Cake and some Camo Cookies:)

Each 'soldier' left the party with a customized 'camo' bag (brown paper bags that were colored in by my daughter) containing: camo sunglasses, a green 'support our troops' bracelet, camo bubbles, some army men, glow in the dark patriotic tattoos, and they each received a water bottle:)

This was probably the most 'budget' savvy party I've had in awhile.  I didn't go crazy with food and I didn't wind up with too many left-overs:)  Max loved his party and as you can see, passed out cold:
his room was completely dark except for flashlight and glow sword... flash on camera made it look light..
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend from one Honest Mommy to the Next:)
Special thanks to my Hubby for staying up late with me while I finished my cake and cookies, helping to clean the house, go to the store for food, and cleaning up afterwards!!  Love ya:)

Also, thanks to my brother for snapping away today when I handed him my camera:)


  1. Oh my goodness, so awesome!!! LOVE the obstacle course idea, too. So clever!!! Sounds like everyone, especially Max, had a great time :-)