Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random things my children EAT!!

Ok, so I don't know if they really eat this stuff, but I am constantly wondering where it can disappear to... so, here is a list of things that I think they enjoy nibbling on... lol

1. My slippers... yes, they are constantly missing.  Right now, I can only find 1.  We have cleaned this house upside down and inside out this past week and it still hasn't turned up.

2. Socks - you know, the other one is always missing??  Guess they like sweaty, dirty socks... YUck  (this also applies to gloves too... you know, anything that  comes in

3. Money - they are ALWAYS missing their money and can never find it.  Perhaps if they put it in a 'safe' place they might find it??  Guess that's too easy, right??

4. Library books - yeah, I have no idea what happens to their books from school... again, we have turned this house inside out and upside down looking for them.. alas, had to pay for them (school library books) and am thinking they had a snack on the bus of their books..

5. Remote Controls - these things are ALWAYS missing... but, if they do eat them, they eventually spit them back out b/c we eventually do find them..

6. Flip Flops... but only the Left ones.  For some reason, I can only ever find one flip flop of each pair..

7. Army Men and Match Box Cars - these seem to dwindle on a daily basis.. I can't fathom where they all go to... oh, wait, i don't think they eat them...they squirrel them away under Max's bed along with several books that aren't library books!!  lol

8. Spoons - yeah, these seem to be gone all the time.  where have all the spoons gone???

9. Rubberbands, bobby pins and hair clips - these seem to be missing ALL the time... and I am constantly having to buy more... what in the world do they do with them I have no idea...

10. Crayons - yes, Franny really does put these in her mouth... but I don't think she eats enough of them to be running out of them as much as we do... so the other 3 must be helping her out... lol

11. Barbie clothes (and doll clothing) - yup... I have no idea where they all disappear to..
remote... down it goes..
shoe.. yum

Do your children eat random things??  I hope not... Have a GREAT day!!

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