Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missed Deadlines and Lots more to do..

Even though it's summer vacation and school's out for us...there are still a lot of things you  need to do and/or think about before September.  Things seem to get lost in this house as do deadlines:(

2 Major things I missed 'early' bird deadlines for: Soccer and Girl Scouts.  Now, in my defense, the deadline was June 30 for both and that was the same day as my brother's wedding.  If you'll remember how busy I was that week, perhaps I could be forgiven for forgetting???  But now that's on my 'to do' list.

Other things I need to do:
1. Register the kids for religion
2. Register the kids for dance/gymnastics for school year
3. Find a clarinet for DJ... think we're going used via ebay b/c my kid is not the gentlest with things...
4. Keep teaching the kids crap so their brains don't turn to mush:)
and we'll add the above
5. Register Max/DJ for soccer
6. Decide if Kyra will continue with girlscouts and register her for that
7. Shit...I think we still need to pay for school pics...

And than there's the day to day crap and the extra cleaning up and the extra food my kids consume when they are home and the loss of my Thursday night's at the library (this is a big thing...about $60 every other week is a lot to lose for us) and the wrong front door and a brand new minivan that breaks down in less than a week and the extra kid in my house every day 'til 1:30 and trying to keep DJ from making Max scream bloody murder every second of every day and partial trees falling down... the list goes on... kinda overwhelming some days...

This week I am trying to throw together Max's bday party on Sunday... will be my usual lame attempt at a theme but hopefully the cake will Rock it:)  lol

So, while there's only 7 major things to do, it's hard to remember them and get to them:(  at least for me anyway...And I'm sure I've forgotten some things...

Here are the things I wish I had more time and/or knowledge to get accomplished this summer:
1. Get a website up and running for my baking business
2. Get licensed for my kitchen in order to sell to businesses and do street fairs (according to NY, I can see to consumers w/o a license but not do the Farmer's market, street fairs, etc or sell my stuff in small businesses)
3. Hook up the stove in our apartment attached to the house and organize that kitchen as my 'baking' kitchen so I can actually remove myself from my children at night and get things accomplished that much faster...
4. Tear apart the bathroom in the apartment next door so we can hook up a washer/dryer there (thus eliminating the walk into the basement from the bathroom to switch out laundry)
5. Tear up the rug next door and start 'designing' the kids new playroom
6. Get all the bags of baby girl and big girl clothes out of my hallway... really wanted to see if I could consign some stuff but again, the time thing bogs me down
7. Power wash the entire inside of my house... wouldn't that be cool if we could do that??  There needs to be some kind of drain and a big 'ol nozzle to hose everything down...

This list could go on and on as well... but those are the major things:)

What are you up to this summer??

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