Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of My T-Ball Player...

Baseball season is upon us and with that we have added a new player to the spring sport... My little Max.  And with Max playing T-ball, I am reminded of how wonderful it is to watch the little ones learn a new sport.  Oh, and yes, it's pretty entertaining to watch:)

So, here, in pictures, is a Day in Max's T-ball career for you to enjoy (with captions of

Whoo Hoo... I'm playing T-ball, I'm playing t-ball:)

OK... I got the ball, now what??

Oh,yeah, throw to first and hope it makes it:)

I'm gonna run after every single ball and get it..every time!!

Yeah Baby.. I rock at this chasing the ball stuff..

See..I beat them all and got the ball.  I am king!!

But, I don't care that the inning isn't over.. I want a drink.  I'm done chasing the ball all over the field..those other kids can have it..

Oh yeah... a fence to climb.. this is a cool sport!!

Whew.. I made it to 2nd base and I am done.  What, you mean I have to keep running to home??

I'm playing 1st base...what does it look like I'm doing??

It came right to me..and I got it:)

This dirt is really cool... what should we build with it while you're on first and I'm supposed to be paying attention to the game??

Thumbs up Mommy.. I'm doing it, right??  right??

Hmph.. I knocked it off out of bounds:(

And then I hit it towards the big clump of kids on the other team so I ran really fast to get to 1st!!

This helmet is too big and it's itching my head...Get it OFF!!

Yeah Baby:)
I'm loving watching him 'play' this year.  I'm loving watching all the little ones play!!  They are still all so innocent and just want to play with no worries about winning and losing!!

Hope you're enjoying it as well:)  And if you don't have a little one playing, go a watch a's FUN!!!

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